Torchlight Reviews

The interest in Runic Games' Torchlight doesn't appear to be waning, as a fistful of new reviews for the action RPG have once again made their way online.

AceGamez gives it a score of 72%:
Let's be honest though, at the price point Torchlight is retailing at, you really shouldn't be expecting polish. Hell, if you've been lucky enough to pick it up at the ridiculous price it went for during some of the winter sales, you'll get your value for money as long as it boots to the menu and while it may not be polished, and may be missing a few things that will elevate it beyond Diablo, Torchlight is still undeniably good fun. Incredibly basic, pure, simple, primal fun. And I love it for it.

gameSlave gives it a score of 8.0/10:
In all, Torchlight is a simple, repetitive but fun game that fully embraces its place in the RPG genre. It does not go out of the way to re-invent the wheel. What it does is build on a very well established franchise with some well thought out improvements. For those waiting for Diablo III to surface (or if you can get it in a Steam sale) it's a must purchase. Everyone else may want to consider it for its simple - if lacking - storyline and rewarding gameplay.

GameZone gives it a score of 8.0/10:
While not overly complex, Torchlight is a solid and entertaining game that does what it set out to do - and does it well. There is enough reason to keep venturing into the mines, to level up and power up skills for maximum effectiveness, and generally it's a good time in the best of dungeon-crawling traditions.

And Teletext gives it a score of 7/10:
It is very odd that there's no multiplayer at all, given that was one of Diablo's main draws, but since the whole package doesn't cost much more than £10 you can't really complain.

Especially if it alleviates your pining for Diablo III's release next year.