EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate Preview

IGN has conjured up a quick hands-on preview of Sentinel's Fate, the expansion pack that'll soon be headed to the hard drives of EverQuest II players worldwide.
Sentinel's Fate will also have a total of twelve new dungeons three of which will be raid-oriented. We got a preview of a few of them, such as the three wings of Vasty Deep, an underwater laboratory. The first wing is a noticeably colorful affair, but the second is surprisingly dark. Blood spatters the hallways, and the skeletons of dragons kept under glass hint at the twisted storyline that underpins the dungeon. The final wing takes you even further below the sea, into a subterranean (or is that suboceanic?) cavern, where spirits still dwell, and where the magicks that flow through Norrath the world of EQ have begun to seep through. Players will also be revisiting Erudin Library, where the Erudites of EQ1 originated. They're still there, sort of. They're just way angrier now. As for the raids, we've been promised they won't be anywhere near as cure-happy, which is to say, healers will no longer be mashing their buttons trying to remove a raid-full of debuffs. We've been assured that some of the bosses will require some very creative use of the abilities players have available to them.