Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Gamerzines continues to offer up portions of their recent Q&A with BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka, with this latest batch of questions focusing primarily on Dragon Age: Origins and its addon content.
GamerZines: Any plans to add new enemies to the DA universe?

Ray Muzyka: Well it's interesting the Awakening expansion touches on more about the darkspawn and they aren't as uniform or as straightforward as they seem. When you start to explore their back story or motivations, yes motivations even! You'll learn a lot more about where they came from and where they are going. As we expand the Dragon Age universe you'll learn about some of the other kingdoms and empires around the world that are really interesting places to explore in their own right. We've only touched on one country thus far in Dragon Age: Origins with Ferelden. The world is pretty vast and we have an I.P bible that maps out all these different places and cool locations you get to go to potentially and we'll build on that by working on future expansions in the DA franchise.