Two Worlds II Antaloor Post #13

A thirteenth Two Worlds II Antaloor Post newsletter is now available, with this latest entry sporting information about the game's cave and mine system, a Q&A with Reality Pump's Tadek Zuber, a profile of the droser creature, and more. From the Q&A:
AP: We've already formed our own ideas of many regions in Antaloor... but how far along are you with the overall development?

Tadek: We already have included nearly all the areas in a first playable version. The chapters of the main story are particularly extensive, and this gives us the great advantage of being able to play the game almost anywhere in Antaloor - and while we're doing that we can concentrate on adding the finishing touches in each region we pass through. The QA aspect is tremendously important for us this time around - and we've put a lot of time and effort into it.

AP: How about videos in the game?

Tadek: Yep, they're mostly finished too... we worked very hard on the ingame videos and we'll be integrating many cutscenes with smoothly flowing transitions. Right now, we're focusing on the various localizations. Creating rendered video sequences is also a big ongoing project the sequences will mainly be used at the start and at the end of (Two worlds II(. Here we really wanted to create something fantastic - and we've even brought in other professionals to help us achieve this objective.