Dragon Age: Origins/Mass Effect 2 Interview

Eurogamer has posted the results of a live chat they hosted with BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka earlier today, and, unsurprisingly, a vast majority of the questions deal with Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. Begin the exclamation point assault!
Jockie asks: Mass Effect 2 made changes across the board to what we got in Mass Effect 1. Judging by the scores you've now got the formula right, or have you? What's left to do for the third game?

It's early days and I almost feel bad for asking, but what's the development cycle for Mass Effect 3? Has it begun yet? Will it be a two-and-a-bit year wait again? (Is it this-gen?)

Ray Muzyka: Just as we did with Mass Effect 1, we'll gather up the fan and press feedback on Mass Effect 2 and create a prioritized list of what we think will add the most positive impact to fun in the next installment and use that to help us filter what we change as we work on Mass Effect 3.

We haven't formally announced Mass Effect 3 yet (though I can say that the team is working on the next installment in the trilogy now). Hence it's too early to talk about release dates!


Human asks: What are the Dragon Age DLC plans? Will it be like Neverwinter Nights was where it almost becomes it's own entity? Will you be taking non-Bioware companies on? Pehaps giving smaller teams a chance to shine? Also, how about an update to infinite dungeons, that one was awesomesauce.

Ray Muzyka: Infinite Dungeons was definitely very cool from NWN. Check out social.bioware.com for the latest user generated content - as you'll recall, we released the user content creation tools to our fans on PC a while ago and the content creators in the community have been busy releasing high quality content since then! In parallel, we have a dedicated team working on PDLC and expansion content in the Dragon Age universe, and we'll be releasing more PDLC on a regular basis going forward!