Din's Curse Interview and Monster Update

In addition to three new monster profiles on the official Din's Curse website, there's a new interview with Soldak's Steven Peeler on Werit's Blog that focuses on the action RPG's technical side. From the Q&A:
Werit: Which programming language did you choose for Dins Curse?

Steven: Din's Curse uses C++.

Werit: How much of the code Dins Curse is from Depths of Peril? It would seem that code reuse is crucial for a smaller game developer.

Steven: In general, Depths of Peril, Kivi's Underworld, and Din's Curse all share the same code base. I have made lots of enhancements for each game though. For example, Kivi's Underworld has moddable classes and line of sight restrictions so that we could have real secrets. Kivi's expansion added multiplayer.

Din's Curse adds a lot more interaction with the world, world modifiers, more randomization (in a good way), and way more dynamic quest stuff along with a lot of other things. As a really rough guess, I would say 80% of the code is from DoP, and 20% is newer.