Mass Effect 3: What We'd Like to See

The editors at CVG have kicked out a list of changes they'd like to see implemented in BioWare's next Mass Effect title, though I can't say I agree with much of what they have to say. This first suggestion makes me cringe:
Mass Effect 2 shifted the balance from RPG towards shooter, whilst maintaining the rich narrative and deep character interaction the series is famous for.

The most successful - and brave - part of this shift was the axing of the over complex stats and loot role-playing games traditionally rely on. With less game time spent stressing over your inventory and skill points, the second Mass Effect is allowed to show off its true strengths; a glorious cinematic experience, sci-fi combat and moral choices that have you pondering over your mouse or joypad.

We'd like to see Mass Effect 3 continue this balance; expand the combat, world and conversation system, while again trying to surprise us with more difficult character choices and surprising set pieces. The act of character building and weapon customisation doesn't need to be over complicated; that's what Dragon Age is for.