Mass Effect 2 Reviews

With mere hours left to go until Mass Effect 2 is available for purchase, I figured it was a pretty good time to scour the 'net for some more early reviews.

IGN AU gives it a 9.3/10:
Supposing you never played the original Mass Effect, you really won't be getting the full experience.

Correct this.

Assuming you have, though, you'll find a game that carries on beautifully from where it left off. Streamlining the role-playing almost to a fault in some ways, Mass Effect 2's greatest strength once again falls upon the beauty of its universe and the carefully interwoven character dramas underpinning the action. It's a fascinating and hugely enjoyable experience that serves not only as a reminder of how wide the valley between a 'great and an 'excellent' game actually is, but why BioWare is still one of the most vital and important developers out there today.

The Guardian gives it a perfect 5/5:
The narrative and characters are what really drive Mass Effect 2. Idle chit-chat with the numerous crew members and bystanders soon draws out motives, feelings and possibly romance. The excellent facial animations and acting help too, giving a surprising emotional pull to proceedings. One of the nice touches is the ability to import your character from the first game. Players that do so are rewarded with money and other goodies. But the real benefit is the continuation of the story with decisions you made in the first game which characters were killed off, for example having implications in the sequel.

Games2c gives it a perfect 10/10:
For many, the ultimate game is about freedom of choice and Mass Effect 2 goes a long way to fulfilling that aim. The first authentic 10/10 game of 2010 and a very early hot favourite for game of the year. A work of art and a breed apart, Mass Effect is in full effect. Now if you'˜ll excuse us, we'˜ve got planets to explore.

And Brave New Gamer gives it a 9.0/10:
Mass Effect 2 is a very good game. It doesn't get everything right: the overall direction is a bit sloppy, and having the majority of the game focus on searching for a worthy team to follow Shepard into battle is a far cry from a galaxy-wide manhunt. The collectable characters are blatantly droll, rarely amounting to anything other than combat companions. But it gets gameplay right dead-on. Excellent combat and exceptional missions on various worlds is fresh and entertaining. Much improved dialog keeps the stories fun and unexpected. This game is a keeper, not just because it's fun to play, but because it's a different experience every time you play. Now I'm going to go back in, because I haven't had enough yet.