Unconfirmed: Mark Morgan Scoring Fallout: New Vegas

The Vault is reporting that Mark Morgan (the composer who collaborated with Black Isle Studios for quite a few years) has signed on for one of Obsidian's upcoming projects, and Fallout: New Vegas seems like the most likely candidate.
According to an anonymous, but fairly reliable source of mine, developers at Obsidian like Chris Avellone are not the only people who worked on the original Fallout games and are coming back for Fallout: New Vegas. Mark Morgan, who composed the Fallout soundtrack and Fallout 2 soundtrack (as well as the music for Planescape: Torment) is reportedly working on a project for Obsidian - and I highly doubt it's Alpha Protocol.
And in related news, Duck and Cover brings word that Plastic Wax Animation will be handling the game's cinematics. Who, you ask? They might not have the same notoriety as Giant Studios or Blur Studio, but they did the cinematics for Ultima Online, BioShock, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Borderlands, and quite a few other titles, so hopefully the videos will turn out as good as we'd like them to be.