Mount & Blade: Warband Impressions

IGN's editors hit the show floor of Sweden's Paradox Interactive Convention earlier today, and they've returned with some updated impressions of Mount & Blade: Warband.
You'll also have to practice your skills on a brand new faction: the Sarranid Sultanate. Inspired by medieval Arab cultures, the Sultanate are warriors whose villages exist in new desert climates. The inclusion of the Sultanate significantly expands the map of Calradia, providing new towns and villages to explore and hopefully add to your growing kingdom. If diplomacy fails, you can force them under your control with overwhelming military might, which will include sieges on castles and fortified villages. However, as the leader of these troops, you'll have to be careful because attacking fiefdoms can reduce troop morale, and broken soldiers will drop their weapons and run from the field of battle.