Dragon Age Tabletop RPG Review

Green Ronin's new Dragon Age tabletop RPG system has been put under the microscope in a short review/overview feature over at GreyWardens.com.
DAGR was developed around Green Ronin's in-house system, AGE (Adventure Gaming Engine). Yet, while DAGR fortunately holds true to the Dragon Age setting, it has avoided the obvious pit-trap of following Dragon Age the computer game too closely. There are similarities in some spells and abilities, but you cannot learn to play DAGR by playing DAO; or visa versa. More importantly, DAGR does not a (as many like games have) force the players back through Origins storyline.

In a nod toward a more old school style, such as the early editions of D&D, DAGR will be released in sets. The first set contains all the rules for levels 1-5, but later Green Ronin plans to produce sets containing the '˜missing' higher levels.

While there are certainly those who feel that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy, DAGR was designed as an entry level system. Many of DAGR's players will be coming directly from the computer game and into their first experiences of pen and paper roleplay. Too many rules upfront can confuse a neophyte roleplayer.