10 Must-Have Mods For Dragon Age: Origins

GameShark has put together a list of the ten player-made modifications for Dragon Age: Origins that they feel are the most deserving of our attention.  Notable mentions include the party camp storage mod, a respec mod, a mod that reduces the stealing skill cooldown, and the detailed tooltip mod. I think I'll be using this one on my next run through the game:
Auto Loot V1.13!

What it does: This add-on comes in two parts. First, it allows you to loot without a loot menu popping up. Instead, the items you find will automatically appear in your backpack, as long as you have the room. Text will then appear above your head, telling you what it is you found. Second, you acquire a command that orders your party members to collect loot from within a 20 meter arc. Rogues will open locked chests if they are able. Otherwise, a bit of text will inform you that there are locked containers in the vicinity.

Why you want it: Again, two parts. First, that loot menu is damned annoying and altogether useless. You know very well that you're going to take every little thing you find. This just cuts out the middle man. Second, there's a motto by which I like to live: (If you're too lazy to do something, don't worry. Someone will eventually do it for you.) Well, now it's true. Order those slaves around. The Darkspawn are approaching, and you don't have time to pick around a temple, looking for elfroot and common swords. Warning: Forum users have reported that both parts of the add-on don't work in a couple of areas. Although for a 60-hour game, a couple isn't a really a big deal. Besides, you can always uncheck the add-on.