King's Bounty: Armored Princess Reviews

Katauri's latest King's Bounty title is the subject of two more very enthusiastic reviews, starting with RPGWatch where the score is a 4/5:
I promised to tell why I've still found myself playing at 2AM in the morning. It's all to do with the quests in this game. They are varied and humorous and simply fun to play. On one island, you'll get to search for a renegade axe, which you'll need to suppress; on another island, your employer is a vampire who eats the sap juice from trees. On another island you can either side with a husband or his wife in order to finish the quest. On the first island Debir - you'll get a quest that leads to the island of Monteron. This in turn leads you to wanting to find the navigational charts so that you can go (sail) to these different islands. And then suddenly, you run into a pirate that demands 50 robbers from you. It'll take a while to get them, but in the meantime, you'll have fun exploring other islands. On most islands you reach, a quest will lead you to the next.

This is what kept me going, just waiting to see what was round each corner. And it's why I was playing at 2AM. It's great fun and I recommend this excellent game profoundly.

And then Ripten comes in with a 9/10:
In the end, Armored Princess is a blast. It is actually refreshing to see a game not try to overreach and end up stumbling with it's sequel. The sophomore slump hits some franchises hard, but Armored Princess escapes. It is fun, addictive, and never at any point takes itself too seriously. It would be ridiculous if it did, considering you routinely go into battle with the most motley crew of fantasy archetypes you can picture. Knights, pirates, barbarians, zombies, and even robots are represented amongst the possibilities you can cobble together in order to save the world. The aesthetics of the game reflect this by being colorful, whimsical, and cartoony. It even has a setting so you could play it in 3-D, but my Kid Vid and the Gamemasters 3-D goggles have been missing since 1992 so I didn't get to try it out. See, not every game needs to be super cereal with its dialog and give be so graphically intensive you can count the liverspots on every aging wizard. Armored Princess knows what it wanted to accomplish and nailed it in every way. The only possible way you could find this game disappointing is if you went in expecting something with the scope of Dragon Age or the style of Oblivion. This game is a must for people who are fans of the series, the genre, or just fun games in general.