Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited Review

The switch to a free-to-play business model for Dungeons & Dragons Online seems to be paying off, as Ten Ton Hammer has just published an enthusiastic review that concludes with a score of 93/100.
If you're on a tight budget, looking to relive the Dungeons & Dragons pen and paper adventures of your youth, or just looking for a great MMOG to try out, Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited deserves your serious consideration. With the game's new free-to-play model, there's no reason not to download it and give it a try. There's plenty of free content to play with and if you find you enjoy the game, you can buy more content, characters, and more in the DDO Store. If you really like the game and want to experience everything it has to offer without breaking the bank, you can pay a monthly subscription to get access to everything for free along with getting a monthly allotment of Turbine Points to spend in the DDO store however you wish.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach may have been an aging experiment that didn't live up to the dreams of players around the world, but this new incarnation called Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited is shaping up to change the face of free-to-play MMOG gaming in North America forever. All in all, it doesn't get much better than this.