Torchlight Reviews

It's a pretty slow news day, so I thought I'd start things off with a couple of recent reviews for Runic Games' Torchlight.

GamePex gives it an 85%:
While not everything is perfect in the game you'll often run into a few graphical glitches, the pathing for enemies and NPCs is downright idiotic at times, and lack of any true story it's still a game that is worth a try for anyone who longs for a dungeon crawler or would like a primer before Diablo 3 is released. For the retail price of $20 it's hard not to recommend to anyone, even if it is a single-player only affair. The game isn't ridiculously hard by any means and the accessibility of being able to play even on a netbook, perfect for plane rides or long car trips, paired with exceptional artwork and gameplay make this a title that is placed in the upper echelon of action RPGs.

While ThinkDigit gives it a 9.0/10:
This simplicity is only one side of Torchlight and if you are an obsessive action RPG patron, there is lots to do also. One of the more noteworthy features of Torchlight is the relatively relaxed weapons system. If desired, a Destroyer (role: melee tank) can not only wield a fireball spewing magic wand, but actually specialize in it. This kind of freedom extends to all three classes as a spell-casting Alchemist character can become truly formidable with a melee or even ranged weapons. Also, dual-welding is available to all three character classes and the coolest thing is that the game allows you to wield a melee and a ranged weapon in each hand. This of course saves you from the hassle of constantly switching between two weapons types to adapt to changing battle situations. Moreover, spells in the game are also accessible to all the classes, offering even more options with character progression. So the truly adventurous can really experiment with these options and come up with an atypical character build.