Interplay Seeking Legal Fees From Bethesda

Duck and Cover brings word that Interplay is seeking nearly $10,000 in legal fees from Bethesda following the denial of the latter's Project V13 injunction.
Pursuant to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 54 and Rule 109.2 of the Local Rules of the United States Disctrict Court for the District of Maryland, Defendant/Counter-Claimant Interplay Entertainment Corp. ("Interplay"), hereby moves the Court for an award of the attorney fees and expenses that it incurred in successfully defending against the Motion for Preliminary Injunctions (the "Motion") filed against it by Plaintiff/Counter-Defendant Bethesda Softworks, LLC, ("Bethesda").

They also offer a breakdown:
Interplay's total legal fees and expenses for the trial? $9,539.38.

'¢ Travel Expenses for Herve Caen and the 2 lawyers: $3,901.32
'¢ Deposition of James Leder, COO of Bethesda: $3,525.00
'¢ Online Legal Research: $1,686.40
'¢ Overnight mail to Court and Opposition Counsel: $225.76
'¢ Postage: $2.40
'¢ Photocopy Charges: $197.50