Torchlight Reviews

On this slow post-holiday news day, how about we round up a couple of recent reviews for Runic Games' Torchlight?

TheGo gives the action RPG a score of 8.0/10:
So to sum everything up, everything you know and love about Diablo is here with new features and mechanics to make it very interesting to get involved with it, and the addicting qualities that it brings along with it make it an excellent pick up. The best part about all of this? It goes for $20 US. I can name dozens of worse games that go for triple the price, one would simply be insane to not pick this up if they love Action RPGs, or would like to get their hands wet in wait for Diablo III.

And Digital Entertainment News gives it an 8.6/10:
Despite these (small) issues, Torchlight has not failed to satisfy. Making things even sweeter is the $20 price tag. Games with less content have cost more. Runic has packed in quite a bit of content into this (little game) that may seem like a simple (action RPG-lite) but has one of the most necessary aspects missing in many games fun.