Dragon Age: Origins Reviews

Expecting a copy of Dragon Age: Origins under the tree this year?  Here are a couple more last-minute reviews for you, then.

GamersInfo remains scoreless:
The characters are great, and the combat can be epic. However, what really seals this one as a (Buy) rather than a (Rent) to me is the length. At about halfway through the story, I was entering hour 30 and I still couldn't stop playing. You will play this game for hours and suddenly realize you forgot to eat or you have a term paper due in two hours. You will get a whole lot of bang, pow and even a zowie out of your buck from this game. It pulls you in and never lets go. This game is deep, addicting, has a great personality and is great value. I like Dragon Age: Origins. I really like Dragon Age: Origins. If you want to play the best RPG on the Xbox 360 this year, this is it. End of story.

And then All Age Gaming gives the Warden's Keep DLC a 7/10:
When a game like Dragon Age boasts so much already, can we really cry foul when we are asked to pay for a little more. The biggest flaw in these transactions is what exactly do you do with the new loot and skills after the expansion? Especially when you have already finished the game. The anticipate Mass Effect 2 goes some way to remedying this, carrying over characters from the first game, but Fallout 3 had the same flaws. Bioware: More DLC please, longer this time and with harder enemies.