Divinity II: Ego Draconis Preview

The Xbox 360 version of Larian Studios' soon-to-be-released Divinity sequel is the subject of a short new preview over at SFX360.
The game includes a few unique traits that help to separate it from other RPGs such as the Necromancer ability. This allows you to collect the limbs and body parts of creatures you have killed along the way to create your own Frankenstein creature of sorts that you can summon to help you in battle. That is just one of the many aspects that will make up your Battletower, it's there that you can upgrade every aspect of your character from melee skills to magic. You can even create your own potions from your own recipes for unique concoctions. Another fun and unique aspect of the game is the ability to read the minds of the NPCs you encounter but at a cost, your XP. That's right you can read the minds of everyone but the harder their mind is to read the more XP it will cost, forcing you to really consider if knowing their secrets is truly worth your time or not.