Games of 2009: Borderlands

Eurogamer continues to look back at the standout titles of 2009, with their latest article focusing on Gearbox Software's "role-playing shooter" Borderlands.
Lots of games have based their appeal around randomised elements before, of course, but for every Diablo, there's a Hellgate: London, an experience that offers limitless variation without ever hitting on the fact that, just because an item is literally unique does not ultimately mean that it also feels special.

The smart approach Gearbox took was to load its algorithms with bits and pieces that are inherently fun in the first place - fire damage, electrical charges that blow peoples' heads off, shotguns, sniper-sights and critical hits. All of this makes you anxious for the next loot drop; all of this makes you dream of finding that one gun that's perfect for you (a scoped SMG that fires meaty electrical rounds, in my case - I'm still looking).