Mass Effect 2 Preview

Yet another hands-on preview of Mass Effect 2 has made its way to the Internet, and this time it comes at us from the folks at Extreme Gamer. Titled "The Top Ten Effects of Mass Effect 2", the article has a slightly different approach than what we're used to:
The New Normandy is Shepherds' main ride in Mass Effect 2, and boy things have stepped up. The new (and improved) Normandy is more like a massive hub of activity where you can engage in the drama, and intrigue of Mass Effect's inner plot lines.

The first big difference you will notice is that the main navigation room is now filled with a holographic image of your vessel, and not the intergalactic map. In what we didn't see, but we can speculate, this is a upgrade system to customize your ride. Now, the Normandy isn't exactly going to be riding on 22)s, but from what we have seen, it feels like the right step to take the Ebon Hawk... oops, I mean Normandy. Along with the new main room, other rooms have been added, including new rooms that become active when you recruit certain crew members, and Shepherds' personal quarters complete with an interactive fish tank, and a little sofa section invite people over for some quality '˜alone time'.

Oh, and berfore I forget, Shepherd also has a personal assistant that will let you know when you have incoming emails, inform you about upcoming missions, and more. Secondly, this personal assistant is female, so we will see if 'good old Shep' can work this into one of those 'honey, I'm working late' love interests.