Dragon Age: Origins Reviews

My latest round-up of Dragon Age: Origins critiques is fairly sparse, as only two more reviews popped up on the web over the weekend.

Gamestyle hits it with an 8/10:
On the whole Dragon Age: Origins is magnificent and will continue to evolve as BioWare promise new quests and missions, with some already being made available for purchase. There is plenty to enjoy in the retail version but we can only hope that the good work is built upon with expansions and new adventures for us to discover. Despite our criticism this still remains the best RPG of 2009 and one of the best we've played in several years.

And 411mania lands with a 9/10:
Overall, Dragon Age is a great game for action RPG fans. The luster and shine from previous BioWare games can easily be seen. There's a lot here to explore and find, and a lot of variety when it comes to playing. Definitely worth a purchase to play.