Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Producer's Letter

Warhammer Online has a brand new producer (Bruce Maclean), which means that introductions and some year-end reflections are in order. Enter the producer's letter:
It truly is the Age of Reckoning and the past year has been filled with amazing Live Events, awesome new dungeons, scenarios, and new zones, with grim new foes and fantastic rewards to earn. We have survived the Night of Murder and seen the arrival of the bitterest of rivals, the Slayer and the Choppa. We have seen the portents and events surrounding the Rise of the Tomb Kings and the expedition to the Land of the Dead. We have witnessed the Demon Moon Rising, and partaken in the ancient and challenging Wild Hunt.

In the past year, the Realm versus Realm war has also seen significant action and change: Zone Domination, the Keep Upgrade Ordnance systems, RvR Quartermasters, two-ramp Keeps, City Invasion improvements, a Keep Rating System, the WAR Report, and the recent Realm Underdog System. Countless other changes too numerous to cover have also elevated the RvR experience from good to incredible, not the least of which are significant performance and stability gains.

A toast for stability!

While lowering the bar to enable computers to run higher graphics settings, we also improved the game's look with HDR and bloom. Suffice it to say, the RvR battles of this winter season are more engaging, more visceral, and more fun than anything else out there. Raise a toast to the veterans here, they know what I mean!