Dragon Age: Origins Reviews

While we continue to wait for the release of Return to Ostagar, we might as well round up the latest batch of Dragon Age: Origins reviews.

Kombo gives the game a 9/10:
Dragon Age is a massive game. This is one of the biggest gamse, content-wise, to come along in a long time. The sheer amount of questing, dialog, items, spells, talents, personalities is staggering, and that is the short list of possible things to experience in Dragon Age. Years from now, Dragon Age will still be remembered for the epic story that people connected with on an emotional level. Each joke, battle and sacrifice will be felt at your core with genuine feeling. Dragon Age is a cinematic masterpiece that incorporates action at all the right spots to keep you firmly interested and dedicated to saving the world from the Darkspawn. You can't go wrong with Dragon Age.

EL33TONLINE gives it a perfect score of 5/5:
That's what gaming is all about: escapism. And in Dragon Age: Origins it all comes together to offer you the perfect escape from real life. It is a beautiful tale of battles and loss and love and here I go again. Suffice to say it is a powerful story. It is huge and will suck time away from you unlike any other single player game. If you choose to stick to the main plot, you will finish the game in around 50 hours. If you choose to stray into the side quests this will stretch to more than 150 hours I am told. So be sure you take a few days off work to enjoy this game! That's what I did! I call it Game of the Year on PC.

PALGN gives it a 9/10:
Dragon Age: Origins is another fantastic RPG from BioWare. It's a game that really gives you your money's worth and not only is there so much to but there is enough incentive to go back again and again just to see how things would turn otherwise or perhaps even just to experiment with a different race/class of character. BioWare has created another classic for us and while the Xbox 360 version may not be the most definitive version of the game, it is still one of the best RPGs you can find on the console. A word of warning though, this game is not for the causal or impatient.

And Games32 gives it a 92%:
Dragon Age: Origins is a proud addition to Bioware's top games list and an essential item every RPG player should have in his collection. With such a vast universe, deep story, fantastic music and voice acting and many gameplay choices, this game is by far one of the best games this year.