GB Feature: King's Bounty: Armored Princess Review

Our own Tyson McCann returns to pen a three-page review of King's Bounty: Armored Princess.  And while we no longer provide review scores, it's clear that he was nearly as impressed with the standalone expansion pack as he was with the original:
Recruiting into your army is made easier than in KB:tL. From the start you're given the two additional army slots you had to buy in the previous game. This makes switching out armies and having a backup easier. It's still not perfect having to wander back to the place of purchase every level up to replenish troops, however it's only a minor complaint - it doesn't take too long in real time, and is usually not dangerous. Maybe in King's Bounty 2 there could be a method to buy more from wherever you were up to your leadership, cost dependent on how far away the shop was and modified by how naturally difficult the area is to your current level, etc. A new screen could display all available creatures of that type you've come across sorted by cost, with the name of the area above.

Finally, combat is even more compelling thanks to the use Amelie's new pet dragon, which replaces the box of rage you received in the original and plays a huge part of combat. The dragon is able to increase in levels, get new skills and upgrade them to maximize this supplement to combat. Better utility spells are included as well so that even a player who doesn't always need the pet's powers, finds ways to utilize it.