Fable III Preview

The guys at RatedG4Gamer have whipped up a short preview of Fable III, along with a couple of paragraphs about the technology behind Microsoft's Project Natal and what it might mean for the sequel.
The game, Fable III gives the player the opportunity to discover leadership skills, how to govern a nation and allows them to assess the decisions they would make in a similar situation. Instead of becoming a Hero, you are a Hero coming into a place of Royalty. Through the decisions made in the game, you can rise to become a King or Queen loved by their people, a caring leader who looks after their people with care and precision or a Tyrant Dictator who strikes fear into the hearts of those of their land, or, of course, somewhere in between. As with the games before this, Fable III leaves the player to decide their own fate, to discover the fate of those around them and to determine the direction of the game and their future. Once again, a stroke of brilliance from, Peter Molyneux.