Dragon Age: Origins Reviews

Yet another pair of enthusiastic Dragon Age: Origins reviews are online and ready to be scrutinized.

Loading Reality starts us off with a 4.5/5:
More important than the gameplay in Origins is its openness in story and morality. Better than the (karma) systems in recent RPG's, Origins shies away from black and white, static decisions for a more convincing moral system. Whether it be deciding to aid the elves in their quest to rid their woods of werewolves or engaging the wolves in polite conversation; assisting a lost child in finding his mother or telling the boy that she's obviously dead and he should be gone from your sight; or even electing to spawn a demon child of your own, Origins leaves the side-questing and decision making to you. Each choice made by the player will affect the relationships he or she has with party members. Causing the light-dwelling, Templar warrior Alistair to bear witness to too many questionable acts may force him to leave your group while continually being the boy-(or girl-)next-door will irritate the chaos-loving, temptress of a mage Morrigan to leave in a huff. A balance must be maintained. Or not.

And then Remnant Gaming News ends up at an 89/100:
Dragon Age:Origins is a top RPG that should not be overlooked. The story is one that you will remember long after you are done with the game, even though the graphics may not be what you are looking for in a $60 next-generation game. It's still well worth the price of admission when you consider the amount of time and enjoyment you will get out of this game.