Torchlight Reviews

The Diablo II v1.13 patch might be ready for testing, but that hasn't stopped people from playing (and reviewing) Runic Games' Torchlight.

NowGamer gives it a 9.0/10:
Torchlight has an emphasis on a central plot and pays careful consideration to character, and it's extremely polished. Despite each level being randomised they merge seamlessly into the next, and every five tiers or so down the dungeon theme changes along with the type of monster you'll encounter, so you won't know if your specialised skill or equipment set will be quite as effective lower down until you've tried. It's gorgeous, accessible and highly addictive, and it's a perfect solution for both causal gamers and hardcore RPG fanatics. gives it an 8.2/10:
There isn't that much left to stay except that this is a game that does hack and slash real justice and it's a the perfect choice for those eagerly waiting the release of Diablo 3. In fact, if Torchlight came with a more involved single-player campaign, had multiplayer and didn't rely on random level generation, it would have been a real threat to Blizzard's long awaited sequel. As it stands now, it's more of a tease for fans who will have an even harder time waiting after getting such a satisfying taste of what Diablo 3 could (and I'm sure, will) bring.

And Gaming Trend gives it an 85/100:
The end result of Torchlight is an incredible value at it's $20 retail price. If it were a full-priced game, the lack of multiplayer would be unforgivable and the gameplay's shortfalls would be a more considerable issue. As it is, what we have is a beautifully realized game world that excels at the basic gameplay elements we've become familiar with in an action-RPG at the exchange of any ambitious attempts in advancing or revolutionizing the genre. If you're looking for the next great hack-and-slash, Torchlight is this year's finest.