MSNBC's 10 Best PC Games of 2009

MSNBC is next in line with a year-end round-up of the ten video games most worthy of their space on your hard drive.  Borderlands (#7), Torchlight (#4), and Dragon Age: Origins (#2) all made the cut:
Playing (Dragon Age: Origins) is like jumping into an interactive fantasy novel and an epic fantasy novel at that. Not only is the main story massive in scope, but the characters that populate this role-playing game (both the playable ones and the non-playable ones) are so well developed, you can spend countless hours unraveling each of their unique backstories.

Players start the game by deciding whether to play as an elf, human or dwarf. The choice significantly affects how the game plays out. Meanwhile, with an evil force (and lots of accompanying baddies) spreading across this enchanted world, you'll find yourself engaged in massive battles and a lot of political and personal intrigue. Players also have to make some hard decisions during the game who they side with and who they sacrifice, for example and those decisions will affect the story.

Once you start playing (Dragon Age,) don't expect to stop for a very long time.