Peter Molyneux Interview Sample

NowGamer has provided us with a few excerpts from an interview with Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux that appears in the latest issue of Retro Gamer magazine. We always knew that Fable was over-hyped, but now Peter himself admits it:
(Fable was another one of those games which people were very excited about, and it was another which was a little over-hyped to be honest with you,) Molyneux said.

)When I did Fable I learnt a real lesson about talking to journalists. With Fable and with Black & White I really was just actually being a designer at this point. Saying '˜imagine we're going to have this game feature, and it's going to do this and this is why we're going to have it and why it's important'."

"And of course the poor games journalist writes down all these things and it comes across as '˜oh my god, it's going to be amazing' but really they were just words because a lot of the time with Fable and with Black & White I was actually talking I wasn't really demoing.)