Torchlight Reviews

Runic Games' Torchlight is the subject of two more online reviews, just in case you're still undecided about whether or not the game is worth your $20.

The Adrenaline Vault gives it a 4/5:
I very much enjoyed my excursion into Torchlight. Even though I normally don't care much for Diablo Clones, this game is both well made and fun. Despite a few minor problems it is definitely a solid title. Having low system requirements, it will run on most computers and it also costs a mere $20, which makes it impossible to not recommend it. If you enjoyed games like Diablo, Nox, or Dungeon Siege then Torchlight is definitely for you. For those looking for a nice inexpensive gift this holiday season, consider getting it for your gamer friends. Chances are it will be greatly appreciated!

While GamersMint also gives it a 4/5:
Fans of Diablo should purchase this blindfolded while people who enjoy playing A-RPGs should try this out aswell. I will even go as far as suggesting gamers having no interest in this genre to give this a spin as this game deserves the love.

To end things on a high, there is also an MMO being developed by Runic which will take place in the same gameworld of Torchlight and is slated for a release next year.