Experienced Points: The Writers of BioWare

Shamus Young returns for another "Experienced Points" editorial on The Escapist, this time pointing out the glaring similarities between the companions we've recruited in Jade Empire, Star Wars: KotOR, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age: Origins.
The Remorseless Killer

Examples: Sten (Dragon Age), Canderous Ordo (KOTOR), Sagacious Zu (Jade Empire)

The product of a warrior culture, the Remorseless Killer is just doing his job. His grim, scorched-earth, genocidal, baby-killing job. Don't take it personally. Most of the time his awful deeds served the greater good. Or seemed to. He thinks. It's all sort of a blur now. Still, he can't help it so it's best not to dwell on the past anyway.

The Berzerker

Examples:HK-47 (KOTOR), Black Whirlwind (Jade Empire), Urdnot Wrex (Mass Effect), Oghren and Shale (Dragon Age)

Unlike the Remorseless Killer, the Berzerker doesn't just go around killing people for some misguided cause. He does it for laughs! If you need someone to snap out a couple of witty one-liners while mowing down foes, the Berzerker is your man.

The Pilgrim

Examples: Leliana (Dragon Age), Dawn Star (Jade Empire), Mission Vao (KOTOR), and Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (Mass Effect)

The innocent pilgrim is young, usually pretty, idealistic, and energetic. She's a free spirit and and isn't above the occasional theft. Or even frequent theft. The only time you'll have trouble with her is if you get into killing civilians and that sort of nasty business.


The Shrew

Examples: Bastila Shan (KOTOR), Silk Fox (Jade Empire), Morrigan (Dragon Age)

The only thing more dangerous than her weapon is her poisoned tongue.

SHREW: You must go north now.

PLAYER: I'd rather go south.

SHREW: Why, because you're to stupid to comprehend the idea of north?


SHREW: I see. So you're a coward, then?

PLAYER: I just like south better.

SHREW: Fine, I will follow you on your feeble journey south, if only to laugh at your miserable failure.

PLAYER: Geeze, what's your problem, lady?

SHREW: Oh, did I hurt your feelings? Poor baby. Your childish tears amuse me.

The Shrew is your needlessly combative or abusive female companion who heaps shame and scorn on the player or other companions. The game loves to hamstring you during these encounters so that no matter how intelligent your character supposedly is, the Shrew always gets to eviscerate you in these little verbal exchanges and you can't really do the same in return. She usually gets the last word. You loser.

The Shrew always softens up by the end of the game and usually reveals her Big Secret that explains why she was such a jerk to you in the beginning. And then you're supposed to feel bad for giving her such a hard time.
Spot-on or is he stretching here?