Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Reviews

I think we've rounded up enough reviews Borderlands' The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned at this point, so this will probably be our last review newsbit until the next DLC is released.

IGN comes in with an 8.0/10:
While it'd be great to get some downloadable content that adds in character class skills, heaps of new items, bumps up the level cap, or builds in more interesting and complex quest and encounter mechanics, what's presented here is a guaranteed good time. The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is a well-made and entertaining piece of content, giving Borderlands fans a chance to sink bullets into undead flesh in new environments and with some additional quest goals. The expansion also offers stronger story elements, something mostly propped up with wacky humor and nonsense, which is quite fitting considering the context of a zombie outbreak and ludicrous amount of loot and bullets and death. While it doesn't alter the core of Borderlands in any dramatic kind of way, it is one of the most vividly characterized zones. Considering the strength of the gameplay formula and the fact that it's still fairly soon after the main game's release, what's presented here -- more things to kill and more reasons to laugh while doing so -- is welcome.

Digital Battle arrives at an 8/10:
Borderlands fans will gladly enjoy the extra five or so hours playing the DLC, but it still has the quirks and bugs (mostly AI related) that the original game had. It's no deal breaker, and for $10 bucks, fans of the game should definitely pick it up. If you weren't into Borderlands however, the DLC is just more of the same, good or bad. But mostly good.

And not to stir the pot whatsoever, Extreme Gamer also goes with an 8.0/10:
The bottom line is that if you're a fan of the original game, then this is a must-download. It's very entertaining and it's great to take a break from the bleak deserts of the Arid Badlands and New Haven. If you're a casual Borderlands player, this might not be of big interest to you. It certainly doesn't improve upon the game in anyway. Here's to hoping that there's a lot in store for the next installment of Borderlands.