EverQuest: Underfoot Preview

Sony Online Entertainment's forthcoming EverQuest: Underfoot expansion pack is the subject of a short hands-on preview over at MMORPG.com.
We ran through as many zones as we had time to see. Most zones as mentioned were dark and high contrast with areas illuminated by streams of molten lava or campfires. Brell's Rest where we started was the one inhabited by the warring Gnolls and Kobolds. Attached to that zone is Brell's Arena where players can play a game of Boomerang Brawl. Your objective is to throw heavy metal boomerangs at your opponents while avoiding exploding barrels. Ahh. fun and games in Norrath where a wedding isn't really a wedding if a guest doesn't die.

Arthicrex, home of the Cliknar race looks to be a good raid zone. We would have gone farther in except that something would either pop our (Invisibility) or (Invis to Undead) and we would be mobbed. The 9 million hit points meant we couldn't really be hurt and it was funny to make a train around the zone, but getting pushed and stunned meant it wasn't easy moving around either. The Cliknar are an insectoid race that drops on all six legs to scurry around then up on their back legs, the better to use the other four to beat on you, and the detail on them is actually very nice! Hopefully readers won't often see a horde of them up close and personal.