King's Bounty: Armored Princess Reviews

If you're still on the fence over whether or not to fork over the cash necessary to own a copy of King's Bounty: Armored Princess, then these latest three reviews are for you.

GameOn comes in with an 8.5/10:
Having not played the original unfortunately I cannot compare between new and old so am judging Armoured Princess as a stand alone game. In my opinion, it can be quite difficult to pull off a mixed genre game without seeming like your trying too hard and ruining everything for it. Kings Bounty: Armoured Princess just feels right to me. It plays well, has a compelling story and is fabulous to look at.

A must buy for anybody who likes their RPG's with a touch of strategy.

RPGamer winds up at a 3.0/5:
Armored Princess cleans up and expands considerably on The Legend but manages to stumble over itself with a punishing difficulty curve and a few errors of its own that manage to pull the game down more than the improvements buoy it. It should come as no surprise that cheat codes to bolster Amalie are available on the game's main page, which may be the key to completing the game, even if it may not be entirely moral. While the difficulty should not scare away fans of the genre and anyone looking for a challenge, in the end it may be more suitable for someone new to the series. Someone preferring a more sedate pace may be best advised to check out the previous entry in the series.

And Games32 ends up at an 88%:
If the name King's Bounty rings familiar, but you didn't have the chance to play the original title, then by all means give this game a go because it won't let you down. Armored Princess is slightly better then it's predecessor, with a more attractive narrative and revamped visual effects and just enough new features to make it a standalone expansion. Fans will probably be somewhat disappointed by the overwhelming similarities with the prequel and the scarceness of novelty, but they'll quickly dismiss any complaints once they start playing.