Mythos Development Continues, New Teaser Site Launched

If you thought the closure of Flagship Studios and loss of the Mythos IP back in 2008 meant that the game would never grace our computer screens again, you'd be mistaken. As noted in the press release below, T3 Entertainment subsidiary Redbana fully intends to release the massively multiplayer action RPG in the not-too-distant future, and they've even launched a brand new teaser website to prove it:
Mythos is Reborn

Redbana US Launches Updated Teaser Site Detailing Several New Additions to the Highly Anticipated Dungeon-Crawling MMO

SAN FRANCISCO - Dec. 1, 2009

Redbana US Corporation today announced plans to publish Mythos in North America. T3 Entertainment's North American development and publishing arm, Redbana will bring the long-awaited online action RPG to US audiences, expanding the company's offering of premier free-to-play online games. Fans are encouraged to check out new additions to the game at the official teaser site:

The newly updated Mythos website features a brand new teaser trailer with never before seen footage of new content. Visitors can also stay updated on Mythos' development with a calendar of upcoming announcements and an animated book that describes some of the newly added back-story. Fans of Mythos can still sign up for the official newsletter, with more information about the upcoming North American closed beta, explore concept art and new features, which will be added periodically leading up to the game's launch.

(We're privileged to be able to take the helm of this ambitious and highly-regarded project,) said Young Rok Park, CEO of Redbana. (We launched Redbana with Audition, and are now diversifying our offering with Mythos. Our vision is to deliver a diverse selection of high quality games to the North American market.)

In 2008, the Mythos beta was closed to the disappointment of the game's many fans. HanbitSoft acquired the intellectual property and parent company T3 Entertainment resumed development, with the game now in closed beta in South Korea. Redbana will oversee the launch and operations for the title in North America.

Visit the official Mythos website for more information:

About Mythos

Mythos is an online action RPG set in the land of Uld, a fantasy world arisen from the ashes of a dark and terrible war. Inhabited by a variety of races from humans to gremlins, the massively multiplayer environment is filled with unique gaming experiences suited for both solo and group-minded players. Players will embark on epic quests and explore dungeons in search of riches and the secrets of Uld. With a straightforward interface and isometric perspective, Mythos will appeal to both the casual and dedicated gamer. For more information, visit

About Redbana US Corporation

Formed in April 2008, Redbana US Corporation is the North American development and publishing arm of Korean publisher, T3 Entertainment. Home to a group of developers hailing from renowned studios such as Blizzard Entertainment, NCSoft, Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Turbine, Inc., Monolith, Nihilistic, and Sony Online Entertainment, Redbana is poised to become a premiere North American studio with an assemblage of programmers, designers, and artists boasting decades of experience developing high quality titles. For more information, visit
Mythos had some serious potential at one time, but its rocky history and change of ownership pretty much spoils any interest I had for it. I'll be holding out for the multiplayer version of Torchlight, instead.