King's Bounty: Armored Princess Review

GameInformer has cranked out a favorable review for Katauri's King's Bounty: Armored Princess, awarding the standalone expansion pack a score of 8.75/10 and leaving us with these closing paragraphs:
This surprising title does so many things right that it's easy to forgive its minor flaws. A few gems of clever writing peek through in the story, but the plot is often conveyed in dry text boxes and hackneyed prose. Some battles feel similar to one another, leading to unpleasant déjà vu as you crush one encounter after another using the exact same tactics. I appreciate the encouragement to fight efficiently and minimize attrition, but no matter how strong your strategy is, you'll regularly have to run back to town and replenish your depleted army. Still, in the grand scheme of strategy gaming, the tedium King's Bounty subjects its players to is well within acceptable limits.

This is the latest example of the European development community stepping up its game as American PC studios flock to consoles on a seemingly daily basis. Complain all you want about Rage or Call of Duty relegating their PC versions to second-class status. With outstanding creative titles like this coming from the most unexpected sources, I wouldn't trade my PC for anything.