King's Bounty: Armored Princess Review

Eurogamer is next in line with a two-page review of Katauri's King's Bounty: Armored Princess, and by their standards it's pretty damn favorable with a score of 8/10.
The good news is that those mechanics are great - pairing Diablo-like compulsion with the tactics of Might & Magic is an enormously impressive feat in itself, let alone doing it as masterfully and charmingly as this. You'll spend a couple of dozen contented hours roaming a beautiful world, collecting and doffing up weird creatures. It's slicker than KB in a lot of ways, too - the incongruously cute pet dragon that lends a remote hand during your fights is a smart amalgamation of the over-complicated Rage uber-powers from the first game, for instance, while an instant transport system means there's nowhere near as much backtracking through now-empty zones. There are tons of tiny under-the-hood changes and improvements, resulting in a smoother-playing and slightly more accessible experience than its noble parent.

Yet the original stands just that bit taller thanks to its extra wildness. If you're going to play a King's Bounty game for the first time, make it The Legend - and I'd say that whether or not it was available so cheaply. If you're all done with that and crave more, then Armored Princess will not do you wrong. It's a mighty, beautiful and highly-polished game, and a welcome presence on any PC. I just hope the mad-as-bat-cheese developers are saving up the crazy they didn't quite unleash here for a full sequel.