Sony Online Entertainment Interview

Sony Online's John Smedley chats at length with Eurogamer about the future of EverQuest, the impact of DC Universe Online, microtransactions, MMOs on consoles, and more.
Eurogamer: What do you think the impact of games like DC Universe Online and the Agency will be?

John Smedley: I think we're going to see a lot more variety in the kinds of MMOs out there. In fact, we're going to be creating some of the first of those games. You see, until recently, MMOs have been about men in tights. And while I truly believe that fantasy MMOs will be the staple of the industry, things are changing - and now we're getting men in tights other than Rangers and Dark Elves in games like DCUO.

Seriously, though, look at a strong franchise like GTA or Killzone. They're diverse, and permeate well beyond their target audience. We don't have that in online gaming, and that's what I believe games like The Agency and DCUO are doing.

I mean, do you see many sports MMOs? They're out there, but frankly, most of them suck. The job that EA has done with some of their online titles is good, but try and find a really great sports MMO out there. Why is it that one of the single largest gaming segments is almost completely unrepresented in the genre? I really think we have to move towards getting these gaps filled with quality titles - and that's where the industry will be moving.