Sacred 2: Ice & Blood v2.65.1.0 Patch Released

For those Europeans who are lucky enough to already have Ascaron's Sacred 2: Ice & Blood installed, you should know that the team has released a new v2.65.1.0 patch that adds better Windows 7 compatibility, a revised quest compass, and more. A translation of the patch notes, courtesy of the official forums:
* Fixed incompatibility Windows 7
* When installing the patch, the Control Configuration & Blood and Ice resttet is automatically activated.
* Drop rates are increased in multiplayer

* Revised Quest Compass: Election of the next quest objective
* A problem with "precision movement is resolved"
* Multiplayer "Are you really" has been fixed
* Problem with the reward for "Death of a demon" fixed
* "Cheated by fate" increased drop rate for meat.
* Fixed issue with quest target for "Participation"
* Fix for quest compass "challenge!"
* A problem with Green Crystals "fixed

* Discontinued color is now saved with all characters and finite element.
* Body of Facetolodon will no longer appear as pieces of armor
* "Destructible crystals" grab the player now also
* Combat Arts is no longer reset to 0 if you use the 200te Rune
* Dragon mage spell "Protection runes: Stun chance reduced to
* Dragon mage spell "maelstrom": Doubles cost, duration reduced by 20%
* Dragon mage spell "Berserker form" Mod3b "bloodlust": Fixed a problem with Cooldown
* Dragon mage spell "Destroyer" works in PvP.
* Dragon mage spell "Dragon Form" tooltip now agrees with effect
* Enemy "Diaanjas commander of troops" is now doing damage.
* Multiplayer: Sakkara Demon attacks and now has Health Bar
Grab the patch from AtomicGamer or WorthPlaying.