Torchlight Post-Launch Q&A

Ten Ton Hammer has kicked out a Q&A they did with several of the team members over at Runic Games concerning Torchlight's development, its successful launch, and what additions players should expect over the coming weeks and months.
Ten Ton Hammer: Will we see the Vanquisher, the Destroyer, and the Alchemist in the MMO, or are you leaning towards a whole new set of classes?

Travis: We'll say maybe it'd be nice if in the MMO they were fresh and you weren't coming in saying '˜I've played all these skills before in single-player.' If they do show up, I imagine they'll have some substantial changes just to make them fresh for players who've already experienced them.

Jason: Again, nothing concrete, but one of the things we played around is essentially the roles of these three classes in the larger picture of the world. For example, the Vanquisher is playing a role as the arm of the capital city's law enforcement. So, whether they're playable classes or not, they'll be present in some form. Maybe they'll become NPCs, but we haven't ironed all of that out.