EverQuest 10-Year Anniversary Interview

Despite the fact that EverQuest's tenth anniversary took place back in March, The MMO Gamer thought they'd grill SOE's Alan Crosby about the monumentus event anyway. EverQuest III, anyone?
The MMO Gamer: EverQuest is also one of the few Western MMOs to have spawned a sequel. Asheron's Call 2 notwithstanding, I wouldn't include that because it did not long survive.

We're currently at the point in EQ2's lifecycle, around five years after release, where it was coming out during the lifecycle of EQ1.

But I haven't seen any indications from SOE that an EverQuest 3 is in the making. Instead, you seem to be moving away from your roots, the traditional fantasy MMO, into more varied genres and age demographics.

Is this a trend that's going to continue into the future? Will players ever see an EverQuest 3?

Alan Crosby: I can't say whether you're going to see one any time soon. I do know that we have not given up on the EverQuest franchise.

The brand is strong, in fact we now call it the EverQuest Universe, and we're continuing to work on EverQuest 1 and 2, adding expansion packs and new content.

Eventually, I'm sure there will be some announcement. I'm not sure when, I'm not sure when work will begin. but this franchise is not going away.