CD Projekt Fall Community Update

CD Projekt community manager Paweł Majak stopped by their official The Witcher forums to provide us with a round-up of Witcher-related news before we move into the cold, wintery months.
Traitor or saviour?
Recently the forum got a bit silent but as you remember suddenly everything changed with this video. The board started to boil, lots of questions arouse, lots of ideas came to our minds and finally we read the official statement The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings cometh!!!
A couple days later there also appeared a FAQ concerning the leaked video. Some more discerning community members also found an interview with project lead Adam Badowski. Unintentional great news for all Witcher fans. Shall we call this unknown person a traitor or savoir who is responsible for the leaked footage?
I bet there are loads of devoted fans who would give their pinkies, or at least pinkies' nails, just to learn some more facts about the game. Well, CDPR guys accustomed us to waiting, so that's what we should do for now. But who told we have to wait idly?

The White Wolf rises in orange raiment
Some of us live in countries where 1st November is an important day, some of us celebrate 31st October even more, and some of us just can't wait to bring Geralt to those who haven't heard of him yet. Why not combine the two latter groups? Here's all you need to know how to do it. But remember, the time is almost up!

Revealing Research
When you finish spooking people you might want to read something. Of course still staying on topic. Once you go to the English version of The Witcher Wiki you might notice that last Tuesday our friendly neighbourhood Daerdin started publishing his MA thesis in parts. What's so interesting in that? Well, let me just tell you the title of his work (The World of the Witcher. Translation of proper names and nomenclature in The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski). How weird is that? Well for someone who gives his own son Geralt as a second name, not too much. For now there's an introduction and something about Andrzej Sapkowski himself. Look for the next parts every two weeks. All those interested in what Danusia Stok did to the original names should have a look at this.