BlizzCast Episode 11

Blizzard Entertainment has released an eleventh BlizzCast episode, with its sole focus being a roundtable discussion with several of the team members that played crucial roles in making this year's BlizzCon a success.
Rob: The audience interaction really adds a lot to those panels. We gave BlizzCon attendees this year first access to Cataclysm content. Have you heard from many players who had a chance to try out segments of the Goblin and Worgen starting areas we had available at BlizzCon?

Nethaera: Oh boy, the debates between Goblin and Worgen, let me tell you. You've got your people that are die-hard Alliance players and they're looking forward to getting the Worgen. Then you've got people on the Horde that are like (I don't know, maybe we should have gotten Worgen), and then you've got people that are so into the Goblins that they just cannot wait, finally their chance to get their hands on them.

The feedback that has come out of players who have tried the demo has been really, really good. They are very excited for the Terrain Phasing and all of those things. The backstory for the Worgen, finding out more about Gil'neas, they're finding out what's going on with the Goblins and how they get to be a part of the Horde and what's in store for them. I think overall the reaction was just really good, and like I said, the debates are going on between which one is going to be better, but you're going to get people that are Horde, or they're Alliance.