Torchlight Reviews

There are only two hours to go before Torchlight is released unto the world, and the latest four reviews signal an optimistic future for the little action RPG.

The Escapist avoids a score:
Torchlight absolutely nails the formula that made Diablo so addictive. The combat feels satisfying, your pet companion is a welcome addition to the genre, and there are plenty of randomized dungeons to explore in the search of the rarest treasure there is. It might not have the depth (or variety of content) of a larger game, but $20 is more than a fair price - and it'll help soothe your twitchy index finger that longs for adventure, with Diablo III so far away. It's addictive and superbly well-made, and well worth the price.

RPGamer gives it a 4.5/5:
In a sea of ambivalency, it's nice to see a life preserver in Torchlight floating by. While it certainly has a couple flaws, where the game stumbles isn't anywhere near enough to overcome what it does exceptionally well. In addition to being a great romp on its own, this title is also a lead-up to the Torchlight MMORPG, which will be available about two years after the launch of the single-player game. For those not interested in multiplayer this won't be a selling point, but it shouldn't detract from any enjoyment of the standalone adventure.

DIYgamer remains scoreless, too:
Likewise Torchlight feels more like Diablo did. It's great, but you know whatever comes next will absolutely blow everybody away (like Diablo 2 did). Runic Games is supposedly going to be working on an MMO based off of Torchlight next and, if they can nix some of these minor problems while they are at it, it could completely revolutionize the genre.

And Critical Gamer hits it with an 8/10:
Torchlight showcases the decade and a half of experience making Action RPGs on offer at Runic Games effortlessly. It's cheap, cheerful and tightly designed. Anyone looking for a loot frenzied action fix until Diablo 3 emerges from development need look no further.