Risen Review

Reviews for Piranha Bytes' Risen have been all over the place, but the latest review at Neoseeker is clearly in the favorable section. The score is a 9.5/10, and here's the conclusion they arrive at:
...we can state with great confidence you must own Risen if you love RPGs, and perhaps even if you just appreciate highly believable worlds. PC gamers who've been lamenting the lack of well-done classic titles like this with proper treatment should be overjoyed at the revival of sorts with this one. It's both accessible and "hardcore", and would make an excellent choice for a newcomer to the genre (though it's really recommended to start with Gothic), as well as the hardened veteran.

All told, a thoroughly impressive package its creators have only to be all too proud of. We hope after its clashes with JoWood, Piranha Bytes have found a new home with publisher Deep Silver and will work with them on many games like this in the years to come.