Torchlight Review

The editors over at WarCry have stepped up with their own review of Torchlight, and although they don't award an overall score, it's obvious that they thoroughly enjoyed Runic's action RPG.
Torchlight is a LOT of fun for those who adore ACTION RPGs and/or shooters. Torchlight has brought the best of Diablo, Mythos, Hellgate and Fate to bear and it shows. I couldn't get enough of Torchlight and can't wait to see what the community creates using the level editor. Similarly, I am already eagerly anticipating the Torchlight MMO.

At any price, Torchlight is a bargain and you will squeeze every dollar and more out of it. The action RPG market has been missing a big hit for a long time and it's a good bet that Torchlight is going to be a hit. Torchlight brought a smile to my face and will undoubtedly bring a lot of smiles to others as well. Torchlight is a surefire winner in its niche and a good bet to make hefty inroads into the MMO market in the future.