Torchlight Review

The very first online review of Runic Games' Torchlight is up at The Original Runic Games Fansite, though their 97% score should probably be taken lightly given the website's obvious focus. Here's a bit about the action RPG's adversaries:
I should probably mention the monsters before I end this review. At first, I felt a little like the monsters were a little similar to Fate: a little basic and easy to deal with. However, the farther I ventured down into the dungeon, the less I felt that way. Yes, there is a lot of randomness mixed in with the set stuff (certain monsters probably always appear in certain dungeon types), and the Modifiers on the champions are pretty random at first, but once you get down far enough the monsters start to have some pretty scary skills. For example, once I got down to an area with the goblins that were in all the screenshots, I found myself being battered by the goblin's dogs (who have a powerful little back-up-and-then-CHARGE attack), and needing to deal with them quickly. Then as I got further in I found myself in the middle of some pretty large crowds of monsters and suddenly, despite Doomstomping thing to oblivion, I was getting wasted by a barrage of explosions! After a few minutes I managed to find the source of the problem: some of the monsters in the area had some kind of multi-missile launchers or something, and they would stand back and coat me with a firecracker's worth of explosions. Examples like these remind me of Diablo 1, where there were some monsters than had special moves or attacks that forced me to be more careful and take more precautions with them. This felt good, because I didn't have much of that feeling when I played Diablo 2, and I had missed it.