Mass Effect 2/Dragon Age: Origins Interview

The guys over at Polish website Insimilion let us know that they've tossed up an English version of a Q&A they did with BioWare's Jay Watamaniuk during his recent visit to Poland. The topics are all related to Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, so I'll quote one question about each:
MN: Staying by side quests - are we going to expect simple quests, like we had in Mass Effect, simple tasks on single planets that you just do and they're over? Or maybe more complex side quests, taking more hours to finish, leading you from one quest to another? Or will there even be some very large buildings or ruins to explore in order to finish just one quest?

JW: Some of the side quests involve helping members of your party. They all have backgrounds, they all have their own story, and sometimes their story has something that has to be done. Bring justice, or something in their background has come back upon them and you can elect to help them with that, or not. I thing that among side quests these are probably the most complicated, they deal with their back stories, because it's not just the quest, now you're adding to how you relate to one member of your party, which can make you very popular or not. I think from all the side quests the most complicated ones involve party members.


MN: Dragon Age: Origins is the first part of trilogy, am I right?

JW: We haven't called it a trilogy, like Mass Effect was called. But for Dragon Age we wouldn't have spent all that work, making the world for one game. I can't say any more than that, but there's a lot of work we're on, so I would be shocked if we just had one game.

There's a lot going on: David Gaider has just finished two novels, right? The first one's out, the second one comes out this week or next week, or something. Dragon Age is a very big world. We hope that fans will enjoy it, so we can continue to explore different aspects of it.