The Secrets of Fallout 3

The editors at OXM have put together a list of twenty "secret" factoids about Bethesda Softworks and their post-nuclear RPG sequel. Some of these are pretty well known, but others are a first to me:
8 Actress Courtney Cox worked at Bethesda briefly in the 1980s.

9 The bell that sounds after shooting the Fat Man Nuclear Catapult is the lunchroom bell at the Bethesda offices.

10 The Fat Man is based on an actual nuke launcher, the M-388 Davy Crockett Tactical Nuclear Recoilless Rifle which was made in the 1950s.

16 At one point, Fallout 3 featured a surgery minigame, where you had to cauterize your own wounds while watching your character scream in pain. The team felt it slowed down the game's pace to just heal your limbs.